About Us

9 Cent Color Copies was founded by my father, Ron Fryer, in Vancouver, WA.  While operating a non-profit and belonging to several different organizations, he was searching for inexpensive quality printing.  He was able to find it, if he ordered vast quantities, poor quality paper, or waited sometimes weeks for shipping.  My father decided to bring these prices to everyone, with small runs, quality stock, and a quick turnaround time.  Thus 9 Cent Color Copies was born.

With his help, I started a location in this area in 2011, working from my home.  I was able to keep my overhead low, and stay home to raise my kids.  Now that the original 9 Cent Color Copies in Vancouver has sold, I have changed the name of my business to Olympia Color Copies.  I am still the home of the 9 Cent Color Copy, operating with the same pricing, quality, and service.  Thank you to all my loyal customers that have helped me be successful.

Chris Fryer