About Us

9 Cent Color Copies was founded by my father, Ron Fryer, in Vancouver, WA.  While operating a non-profit and belonging to several different organizations, he was searching for inexpensive quality printing.  He was able to find it, if he ordered vast quantities, poor quality paper, or waited sometimes weeks for shipping.  My father decided to bring these prices to everyone, with small runs, quality stock, and a quick turnaround time.  Thus 9 Cent Color Copies was born.

With his help, I started a location in this area in 2011, working from my home.  I was able to keep my overhead low, and stay home to raise my kids.  Now that the original 9 Cent Color Copies in Vancouver has sold, I have changed the name of my business to Olympia Color Copies.  I am still the home of the 9 Cent Color Copy, operating with the same pricing, quality, and service.  Thank you to all my loyal customers that have helped me be successful.

I am proud of the work I have been able to accomplish, along with the opportunity to be a business partner in such a great community.   Providing affordable, high quality printing, with a fast turnaround time and great service remains a cornerstone of my success.  After many years of serving the community, I have decided to retire from the printing business.

I have made it a personal goal to find another small business owner to take over the legacy and continue to serve my customers and the community.  I am excited to announce that Olympia Color Copies has transferred ownership to Chris Olsen and the local Minute Man Press.

Chris is also a local small business owner and has been operating in the area for several years.  He has an impressive business sense, is involved with the community, and most importantly possesses a proven desire to take care of my customers.  Chris will retain the same pricing, quality, and quick service that you have relied on for over a decade.  I am excited about this opportunity, and believe that I have done my best to find a new owner that can continue the personal business relationships that I have strived to create since 2011.

I will be onsite with Chris to ensure that Olympia Color Copies a smooth and seamless transition.   They will be changing the name to Minute Man Press and expanding current product options to add full service marketing, design, promotional products, custom branded apparel, as well as signs and banners to my list of printing services.

I look forward to this change and deeply believe that I am doing the best for my business and valued customers.  I sincerely appreciate you as my valued customers, and friends, for the many years of business and past support.


Chris Fryer

Owner, Olympia Color Copies